June 16, 2010

My Last Visit with an Old Cowboy Friend

So Long Lee
By Paul Kern

Lee, wake up – he was nappin’ in the fall,
Say who? It’s me Lee, you know – Paul.

Hell, I reckon I’ll be 100 next January 8th.
Just a few more months now, d’ya think He’ll wait?

My mother doesn’t even know me now,
I’ve been away too long.

She lives here in town you know,
I’d like to see her, but she don’t know me now.

Where’s your Dad? I’ve been waitin’ for his call.
He passed away Lee, passed away last fall.

You know we was friends and had done it all,
Best friend I ever had – You say he’s gone now Paul?

The Good Lord has a way of calling us back,
So yer Daddy’s gone now, did you just say that?

Yea - cancer Lee, last fall in Colorado,
My Dad died in my arms, cancer too so long ago.

Hey Lee, remember your buckskin paint?
Sure you do, remember when he wouldn’t wait?

I have him in the trailer out front – want to see?
You bet I do – get that walker here in front of me.

Help me up a bit – a little starched up you see,
Stiffed up in these remanufactured knees.

Hold the door now there - I’m good to go,
Hold my arm now, don’t let my walker roll.

Well hello Indy – my what a good horse you was,
You know Paul, horses are in my blood.

Lee, I’ll help you on if you’d like.
Not now but another day I might.

Best get back inside, I’ll be late for grub,
Damn – it’s good to see you.

Thanks for comin’ and come back again.
You know - I’ve been blessed to have good friends.

Me too Lee. So long - So long Lee.

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