January 26, 2007

If He Nickers At Yer Comin'

In 1926 Will James wrote in his book Cow Country, "Then in the evening there'd be songs, old trail-herd songs that some used to sing. There was even poetry at times, made right there at the cow camp. It'd always be about some cowboy and some bad horse, and the whole outfit chipped in or suggested a word to make it up. Then sometimes that poetry would be illustrated too, for it seemed that there'd always been some cowboy around that could draw pretty well. "

They say that no one ever sells a good horse. I have a couple that are for sure not for sale and that would fit this description. The photo is of my daughter Erika running the barrels during a 4-H horse show. She was eight years old at the time.

If He Nickers At Yer Comin’
by Paul Kern

If he nickers at yer comin’,
And is waitin’ by the gate,
If he perks his ears up right,
And they’re standin’ tall and straight,

If he softly nuzzles nose to cheek,
And is blowin’ light and easy,
If he draws his head into yer chest,
And around his ears ain’t quesy,

If he opens easy for the bit,
And in cinchin’ just ain’t bothered,
If he’s got a soft look in his eye,
And he lingers when unhaltered,

If he trailer loads from twenty feet,
And stands calm to trim and shoe,
If he moves out fast on yer command,
And pays attention to yer cue,

If he nickers at yer comin’ -
It ain’t the oats within yer pail.
He nickers at yer comin’ -
'Cause he knows he ain’t for sale.

If Ne Nickers at Yer Comin'

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