March 18, 2007

The Tied Maverick

Kathie and I just dropped our son Philip and his new wife Camille off at the airport as they head out to the Canary Islands for their honeymoon. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on March 16, 2007. My father recieved permission to perform the ceremony. This was followed by a luncheon with invited guests and later that evening by a general reception in the Springville Art Museum. All in all - a wonderful day, complete with perfect weather. This morning I asked Camille how she thought it went - her reply was that the day was just perfect. If the bride is happy, we all must have done something right. We are delighted to welcome Camille into our family and I am pleased to adquire another daughter. We wish both well as the start their lives together. During the luncheon I presented Badger Clark's timeless wedding poem - The Tied Maverick - and only slightly cracked up once. Though it is a little exagerated in Philip's case, a good part of it applies all the way around.

The Tied Maverick
by Charles "Badger" Clark

Lay on the iron! the tie holds fast,
And my wild record closes.
This Maverick is down at last,
Just roped and tied with roses.
And one small girl's to blame for it,
Yet I don't fight with shame for it,
Lay on the iron; I'm game for it,
Just roped and tied with roses.

I loped among the wildest band,
Of saddle-hatin' winners,
Gay colts that never felt a brand,
And scarred old outlaw sinners.
The wind was rein and guide to us,
The world was pasture wide to us,
And our wild name was pride to us,
High headed bronco sinners!

So, loose and light we raced and fought,
And every range we tasted,
But now since I'm corralled and caught,
I know them days were wasted.
From now, the all-day gait for me,
The trail that's hard but straight for me,
For down that trail, who'll wait for me!
Ay! them old days were wasted!

But though I'm broke, I'll never be,
A saddle-marked old groaner,
For never worthless bronc like me,
Got such a gentle owner.
There could be colt days glad as mine,
Or outlaw runs as mad as mine,
Or rope-flung falls as bad as mine,
But never such an owner.

Lay on the iron, and lay it red!
Ill take it kind and clever.
Who wouldn't hold a prouder head,
To wear that mark forever?
I'll never break and stray fom her,
I'd starve and die away from her.
Lay on the iron it's play from her,
And brand me hers forever.

Badger Clark - Sun and Saddle Leather 1917

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