April 09, 2007

Bridger-Teton Wilderness Area

This is one of my favorite horse pictures from the Wyoming wilderness. It is of my father Reese Kern on the right and a good friend, Lee Jacobsen on the left. Lee is now 97 and resides in a rest home in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Over the Easter weekend we stopped in to visit for a while. He is in good spirits and seems to be fairly healthy all things considered. Lee was a career cowboy and ranch manager with very bowed legs at one point - to where he had to have a double knee replacement about 15 years ago. Recently his doctor told him that when his "remanufacured knees" wear out he won't be able to have another pair - at his age. To which Lee replied - I don't think I am going to wear them out at 97 years old - they will probably last longer than I do!

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