January 01, 2007

What Others Say

I was especially intrigues by the poem "Tales of the Trail" I have ridden every trail mentioned except two. I could relate with every word.

Krisite Bennion, Utah

Thank you so much for the great entertainment you provided this summer. Your cowboy poetry was beautiful - such feelings expressed - I will never forget. Please try to come back again.

Ronda Porter, Island Park Idaho

You were such a hit! You read the crowd perfectly and your delivery was so well paced. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to perform for our Willow Creek Country Club Ladies. You made the Rhinestone Cowgirl event - unforgettable!

Cleo Cowan, Utah

It was fun to benefit from your love and appreciation of our western heritage. As a city boy, a Bostonian of sorts, I was in awe of your "cowboy" prowess and was obviously impressed with the precision and dramatic nature of your presentation. (After a show with the band "Latigo" called "An Evening in the American West.")
Jeff Duke, Utah

I enjoy Paul Kern's poems. In particular, "At Codding's Place" touches me deeply as it recognizes the tenderness, yet strength of bonds between father and son, and the passing on of a heritage that will continue to enrich generations to come, of this family.

Bob Munro, Auckland New Zealand

I was delighted to find your poetry and responded positively to it.
Angela Krass, New York

A few years ago I interpreted some cowboy poetry for a poetry forum here in China. In the western U.S., a gathering of cowboy poets takes place every year and includes an award for the Lariat Laureate. Here I present poems (in part) by the Lariat Laureate as a sample for the reader: Paul Kern of Utah
"Back to the River of No Return"
Yellow Utopia, China

I was raised on a farm NE of Fairfield. My dad raised Herefords. His brand was: D/Z Your web site brings back lots of memories...
Sherry Garretson, Wyoming

I am really happy to have discovered your poems: they are simple, direct, and I find them, very affecting. The leanness of language appeals to me greatly.
Randy Foster, Alabama

We nailed this one! - this was the right thing to do for Mom and Dad - they really responded to it. I have seen a lot of cowboy poetry presentations - I think this one was the best - nice, laid-back and mellow.
Jill Davis, California

"Sunday Drivers" is my favorite poem of all time.
Rita Lee, Utah

I was observing in a 6th grade class yesterday one of the teachers from the Summer Institute (Where we studied your poetry) and she had a kid read your poem “When the Work’s All Done” as a part of a lesson in which the class was listening to and discussing the “Corral Nocturne” section of Copland’s Rodeo. The kid read well, and the students responded strongly to the poem: they had previously created their list of cowboy responsibilities and your poem was a perfect response to their list. Thanks for your kindness, your talent, and your willingness to share.
Randy Foster, Alabama

I took the liberty of sharing your poem (The Sign of the Grass) with Sally Smith, Joelle's mother, and she was touched and grateful for your beautiful words. Thanks again for all that you share, and for your most touching poem. With your permission, we will include it also with our tributes to Joelle. Needless to say, then, we accept the poem gratefully.
Margo Metegrano, editor CowboyPoetry.com

I admire your well-written and interesting site, and have put a link to it on my blog. Thanks for the terrific articles, and sharing an important part of American culture with us.
Jacqueline T. Lynch, New England

Lovely thoughts and poetry.
Elizabeth Laden, Editor Island Park News, Idaho

On the Sheep Creek Trail Ride (of the Back Country Horsemen of Utah) at lunch while we sat in the shade of a beautiful grove we were honored by Paul reciting some cowboy poetry, even on the trail breaks he went into his poetry which we all loved. (Paul you’ve got to be on every ride).
Fred Leslie, Mountain Ridge Chapter