November 17, 2007

In Cahoots

I wrote this poem in response to one written by Yvonne Hollenbeck she called "Baloney." Her poem basically states that there are more cowboy poets than there are cowboys and ranchers. I suppose, I have seconded her opinion with this rejoinder. We each had a good laugh at it and at ourselves.

In Cahoots?
by Paul Kern

A wise old man once told me - at least he said that he was wise,
There are far fewer horses - with a twinklin’ in his eyes,
Than there are horse patoots. – now that’s a kindly way to put it,
Which we don’t always do - but will – in this here public writ.

Well, I’ve added up the world and it comes out a little long,
There’s a lot more cowboy poets than places they belong.
The ranchers and the waddies are too few and far between,
I’m beginnin’ to see it clearly now and what it all could mean.

I’ve meditated on it some and it’s jogged my thinkin’ bone,
And believe t’ve found the question to the answer here made known.
Could it be - not sayin’ that it is – that those extry horse patoots,
Have done a deal with cowboy poets and that they’re in cahoots?

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