May 24, 2011

CDs by Paul Kern reviewed in "Rick Huff 's Best Of The West Reviews"

Reviewed by Rick Huff

Here’s as honest an interpreter of original works as you’re apt to find! Utah Cowboy Poet Paul Kern has once again managed to project that subtle energy in his low-key approach.

I don’t recall another time a poetry CD’s title track was a mere :52 seconds long, but Kern gets the job done with it. He writes with a clear and careful economy of words to evoke his images, and he does it in perfect meter. All the tracks are worth a close listen, but for those who require them some picks include that title track “Morning After Rain,” “If He Nickers At Yer Comin’,” “I’ll Just Have To Pay Myself,” “The Last Horse Trade,” “Nary A Track,” “A Trajectory Off Course” and “So Long, Lee.” Particularly effective is the musical support on the album from Clive Romney (guitar) and Tom Hewitson (also on guitar, harmonica and mandolin).

Fourteen tracks total.

The CD is available for $10.00 by clicking here with his previous fine release Rimrock.

Rimrock (Where Memories Rhyme)
Reviewed by Rick Huff

Paul Kern subtitles his CD Rimrock with one of his lines "Where Memories Rhyme," then goes on to further define the collection as "Hopelessly Romantic Cowboy Poetry!" I'd call it more "hopeful and art-filled!"This CD is the recorded companion to Kern's book of the same title. The crafting of these verses shows Kern to be wonderfully in command of what he wants to say, and his low key but involved delivery draws you in so you care about the message.

More poets and reciters would do well to take notes on the Jay Sniders, the Joel Nelsons and the Paul Kerns...and, yes, in drawing the comparison I am indeed placing his work on this CD in those ranks (as well as revealing a bias of mine against "theatrical" delivery of Cowboy Poetry)! He understands in recording he's not addressing an auditorium.

Kern's words frequently present lingering thoughts and lessons that transcend the workaday cowboy life. "From a horse camp with its rhythm of chores, you learn the needs of others come before yours" is a good example. His poem "As I Bridle In The Morning" and others are rich with observations. "On Smokey Before I Go" is one of the best I've encountered depicting an old cowboy's last ride. Particularly effective music pads from Shaun Harris Studios used throughout enhance this product.

The CD ($10.00) can be ordered online and paid with a credit card by clicking with your mouse right here.

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