April 15, 2010

A Morning After Rain

Wintertime in January and February can get pretty tiresome in the intermountain west. Though we enjoy the four seasons and have plenty enough to do - horse-drawn sleighing, skiing, snowmobiling and the inevitable indoor home repair projects, it is nice to occasionally cast a glance to the springtime. I wrote this short poem last spring as I had been out to my hayfields early in the morning and came away just striken with the simple beauty of the alfalfa plants glistening in the sunlight that morning after rain - somehow, it just all seemed right and good. The photo is of that same hayfield, but after the first cutting. You'll notice that we do hay the old fashioned way (sans bales) and with pitchfork in hand.

A Morning After Rain
by Paul Kern

I didn’t know alfalfa could be so pretty,
When the plants are just half grown,
But it was that morning after rain,
When shadows left a dewy kiss,
And I whispered as I caught my breath -

I live for days like this.

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