March 13, 2009

A Canyon Adventure 1917

This little story is from the personal history of my grandmother Amy Smith Shipley Kern. The photo is of Amy and Dirk(right)and her friend Florence(left)and is the one mentioned below.

I should relate here that a lot of my outdoor activity during the First World War was riding my favorite pony that we called Dirk. He was very gentle but had good life and I could do many things with him. My girl friend with whom I usually went riding and I would run races, but the horses got so used to running together that neither one would go much ahead of the other.

One day my girl friend Florence Welch, and I decided to take quite an extended trip, first up East Canyon running east of Avon to the old LaPlatt Mine. Here we stopped and ate our lunch, returning we decided to try Dry Canyon. I think it was called that. At any rate it run south from Avon. After riding for some time we met two young fellows who were stranded with a broken down motorcycle. We stopped and talked to them and were told that they had stopped back up the canyon a number of miles having motor trouble and on leaving they left their camera and asked us to please go back and get it.

Our time was our own and not having any good reason not to help them, we said we would go. They said they hadn’t had any dinner so we gave them the lunch that we didn’t eat while up East Canyon and we had more than we could eat. We rode several miles back to where they had been and found the camera at the place they described. By this time we had traveled as far as we had intended so with the Kodak we returned. When we got to the boys they were still trying to get the motorcycle to run.

They expressed their gratefulness to us and took our pictures on our horses and promised to send us each one when they got them developed. We left them working on their machine and arrived home having had an interesting and somewhat of an eventful canyon trip.

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