April 29, 2007

As I Bridle in the Morning

Mother's Day is just around the corner so I thought I'd add this poem to the collection here. I wrote it some time ago to my wife of 29 years, Kathryn Gates Kern. Together we have raised four children and stuck it out though thick and thin - and there has been plenty of both.

This poem came about after a pack trip that we took last summer into the area near the headwaters of the Gallatin River in Yellowstone Park - about forty miles from our place in Island Park, Idaho. One morning Kathie was taking pictures and told me to look at one of me "bridling in the morning." The words had a nice ring and became the genesis of this poem. As I Bridle in the Morning was featured on CowboyPoetry.com this past Valentines Day and is found in their collection of cowboy love poems.

I have also posted the accompanying audio file to my podcast, which can be found in the iTunes store under cowboy poetry (Follow link to the left). It has done relatively well in terms of popularity - so someone out there is listening to this stuff. You might be interested in taking a gander yourself to see what's going on. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this poem - read it, listen to it and view the video Surrey Ride which is the surrey mentioned in the third stanza. I am the driver, Rory is the horse. It can be seen in Google Videos following this link: Surrey Ride

As I Bridle In the Morning
by Paul Kern

As I bridle in the morning in the dawn of early spring,
And slip the bit between his teeth and catch the throat latch string,
I think of how we both first met each young and fancy free,
Somehow I thought you’d never have a backward kid like me.

As I bridle in the morning of the summer mountain heat,
And the pollen rises on the grass with the fall of each hoof beat,
I look there over yonder at our base camp in the trees,
You followed me a horseback just as pretty as you please.

As I bridle in the morning on the first day of the fall,
And the drifting leaves all hide the track there is no trace at all,
The horse we call the Triple Broke drives on he’s in no hurry,
The fringe sways out and in and out the flat top of our surrey.

As I bridle in the morning at the sign of early snow,
I’ll ride out brisk to meet the day it’s time for me to go,
But first I’ll hitch the cutter sleigh for one more winter glide,
Then ride my trail but circle back to where two hearts abide.

As I bridle in the morning through the seasons of my life,
And consider on the difference you’ve made for me my wife,
My mind is prone to wander through memories well worn,
To where you once became my bride - that early summer morn’.

As I bridle in the morning . . .

Audio File

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