April 22, 2007

Hey There - Try This!

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I have gotten comments from various people via email and such. While I truly appreciate all the feedback I get, there is an easy way to leave feedback on this site itself. Here's how - choose a post for which you want to leave a comment, click on the title of that post and towards the bottom a "post a comment" message tool will appear. Fill it out and we'll then be in touch! I welcome comments.

Subscribe to "At the Corral of the Rafter J" podcast in iTunes

In the left hand column there is a link to my podcast in the iTunes store. It has received good ratings so far. You may as well take a look - and a listen - as long as you are here.

Access Vintage Movies and Recordings

I am in the process of collecting movies and sound recordings from the Library of Congress and other sources that have to do with the West, ranching, cowboying etc. In the left hand column there are links to the music. At the bottom of the previous post is a fabulous old movie from the Edison studios - you'll not want to miss any of this if you have an interest in the West.

Download Classic Cowboy Poetry Books

I have a collection of some of the classics of cowboy poetry listed here to the left. They are the original books - downloadable pdf format. They are priceless in my opinion.

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