December 01, 2009

Bring Er' Home

Christmases past and Christmases present roll into Christmases future. I view these old photos with a little nostalgia - the older one below the poem was taken around 1978 with my parents Reese and Rae, sister Holly and brother Ralph. (I sported a long moustache for more than ten years.) The one to the left was taken in 2001 with my own family as well as horses Dan and Aspen who both have long since departed. The one thing both pictures have in common is an evergreen Christmas tree. I like to feel, especially now that the green color - even in the middle of winter is a sign of eternal life and renewal, which is after all the purpose of Christ's birth.

Bring ‘Er Home
by Paul Kern

Along about December,
On a western mountain slope,
When the snow is deep an’ crusted,
An’ yer head is full of hope.

When each breath crystallizes,
An’ clings a moment to the air,
Then falls upon yer horse’s mane,
An’ hangs - jest like a curtain there.

Night breezes shuffle southward,
The sky is clear and cold,
Ya’ pick a star an’ tell yerself,
An old story you were told.

Of a baby in a lowly barn,
Well – I reckon jest a shed,
For unto you is born this day. . .
Those words dangle in yer head.

An’ live jest like an evergreen,
On that frigid mountain slope.
So ya’ cut a pine that’ll do ya’,
An’ dally tie it with yer rope.

The sun will soon start climbin’,
The mornin’ star has jest blinked out,
That tree yer draggin’ on yer horse,
Recalls what He’s about.

It’s jest a little evergreen,
To spread some Christmas cheer,
So bring ‘er home to remember Him,
As we celebrate this year!

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