December 01, 2009

The Rush of the One-Horse Sleigh

The Rush of the One-Horse Sleigh
by Paul Kern

They try to get me to, but I can’t convert,
To a motorized sled - now what would it hurt?
It’s not that I object to that kinda’ fun,
Making curves an’ all on a downhill run.

But what I really prefer is a different kinda’ ride,
In a one-horse sleigh with my bride at my side.
There are few thrills that can compare,
To thundering hooves kicking snow in the air.

I call out his name with a touch of the whip,
We charge off in an instant and hope we don’t tip.
Snuggled up warm in a buffalo robe,
Ears covered in fur right down to the lobe.

With gloved fingers ever so light on the reins,
A swish of the tail and a flying lead change,
Spraying fresh snow from a high stepping steed,
A turn to the right he again changes lead.

The creak of the harness and the groan of the sleigh,
Are all notes of the music of a cold wintry day,
Sleigh bells ring out as we flash through the snow,
We dash away now with cheeks all aglow.

The hours rush by in the wink of an eye,
The horse is tired now and, well so am I,
It’s hard to have a better day than this,
I reach over to steal a mid winters kiss.

For years we’ve all sung the songs of the sleigh,
There must be a reason for those carols to stay,
It’s a whole lot more than – the horse knows the way.
Must be the ride and the rush of the one-horse sleigh.

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